Play by the Rules
1. Have fun!
2. Under 51" of height
Our playground designed for children 51 inches and under. For their safety no adults should play on their rides or play structure.
3. Socks only!
Everyone requires to wear socks all the time. If needed you can purchase a brand new pair from us
4. Signed waiver required for all guests entering the facility
5. No outside food or beverage are allowed in facility
Only baby formula/milk & water are allowed for children. No feeding kids on Playground area. We are Nut- Free facility
6. Adults required
Parental supervision required at All the time; No drop offs facility.
7. Common courtesy
Children whom are visibly sick or cough should not bring to facility. Any children visibly seemed to not be feeling well will not allowed to entry. We take the safety and well –being of the children playing very seriously.
8. Not ride on the inflatable equipment
Adults are not permitted to ride on the inflatable equipment, slide and carousels.
9. No climbing up slides
No climbing up slides. No throwing balls up slide.
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